Tuesday, February 9, 2010

District Team Rider: Cameron Ward

Recently District Team Rider Cameron Ward got together and rode with Eagle-Sport Team Rider Tyler Wheeland...and heres some of the pics of Cam from the sesh.

(Yes those are Addict bars he's testing)

All photo credit goes to Devin Pelphrey. Like the pics? Check out his Flickr



  1. rad little shredder. word on the street is that he also filmed a super 60 with tyler that day. word uppp.

  2. i need to try to getting

  3. How old is this dude?

  4. Cam is 12...and age aside..One of the best all around up and coming riders in the sport. As you can see from his 2009 competition results..where he took 1st place in almost every competition he entered...not to mention started 2010 with a 1st place at SD4. haha. Don't be surprised to see him come back after Woodward camp on Feb 13th with Flips and Flairs.

  5. Does District scooters have there own website?
    If so can you e-mail back to

    Jesse Bayes

  6. i met u at santa clairita over the summer...i was wondering if you wanted a sticker sponser because i make them with my dad if you could get back to me at flynnb50@yahoo.com thatd be awsome

    brandon flynn


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